Spv Water Pumpings Structures

Raydean specializes in manufacturing Module Mounting Structures for SPV-based agricultural and water pumping structures. Solar Water Pumping is a major project going on in the country. Almost all states, as well as the central government, are promoting the use of Solar Energy all over the country for agricultural as well as Potable Water Pumping. It is a thrust area that is aimed at boosting the all-important agriculture sector which is the backbone of our economy.

The Government of India has recently launched KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suaraksha Evam Utthaan Mahaabhiyan) scheme in which state governments & central government plan to install 35 Lac Solar Water Pumps all over India.

Raydean leads the market today in providing high-quality SPV water pumping structures. We can proudly state that we have till date supplied more than 2,50,000 structures in various parts of the country. Raydean can manufacture 400 SPV water pumping structures per day and we plan to increase this to 500 SPVwater pumping structures per day by the end of this financial year (2022-23).

Some of the salient features of SPV Water Pumping Structures provided by Raydean are
• Dual Axis Manual Tracking Mechanism (conforming to MNRE specifications)
• Optional Auto Tracking Mechanism
• Available for all capacity of Water Pumps (1-10 hp)
• Hot Dip Galvanized (conforming to MNRE specifications)
• No bearings used, easy Manual Tracking Mechanism ensures smooth tracking by a single person
• High-quality MIG Welding ensures proper strength of welded joints
• Automated Jigs are used for ensuring correct punching holes for easy and smooth fitment at site
• All accessories such as foundation hardware, and structure hardware are provided in individual high-quality packaging to avoid any loss in transportation



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