Spv Module Mounting Structures For Rooftop

Various Roof Top Structures models available: –

  1. Flat Tin Shed Type.
  2. Tilted Structure for Tin Shed Type.
  3. Super Structures with Ground Clearance upto 3m, Knocked Down, Site assembled Type.
  4. RCC Roof Top Structures according to the site with Specific Tilt and Ground Clearance.
  5. Ballast Structures.
  6. RCC Roof Top Structures with arrangement of Manual Single Axis Tracking.

Some of the Salient features of SPV Module Mounting Structures for Roof Tops Provided by Raydean are-

  • Designed as per the site conditions, by doing detailed site analysis.
  • Complete plant layout along with foundation design is provided.
  • Designing of structure done as per foundation feasibility (either penetrating type or without penetrating type).
  • Structure can be manufactured in many type of material i.e. Hot Dip Galvanized, Pre Galvanized Steel or Aluminum.
  • Standard designs are generally available ex stock.
  • All kinds of solutions using fixed tilt / single axis tilt / auto tracking



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